A Boost for Wellbeing

Vitamins and Minerals from Food

It is such a boost when I am met with a positive and knowing response to my request for plastic-free packaging when shopping online.

I had spotted Wild Nutrition's Food-Grown® supplements in Health Unlimited, a natural health shop on North Street, Bristol, and was pleased with the glass jar, aluminium lid, and general philosophy of the company, who grow and process their products in the UK and extract the essential nutrients from real, raw food rather than synthetic processing. The labels on the bottles do have a thin plastic coating, and there is the ubiquitous foam liner inside the lid, but they seal their products with a tab rather than a pull-away plastic lid sheath and are as practically plastic-free as anything I have found so far.

Now in deepest Devon, I contacted Wild Nutrition to enquire as to whether they could deliver their products to me safely encased in card and paper. I was delighted to get the following swift reply,

"Thank you for your email. We send out our product in a cardboard box and use non plastic packing materials to keep the product safe and secure."

True to their word, the jars arrived in a neat cardboard box, stuffed with brown paper and, joy of joys, brown paper parcel tape, rather than the clear or brown plastic parcel tape that usually escapes the critique of a supplier offering ecologically sound packaging.

Well being, well sourced, well realised, well presented, well done!