Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Veg Box Delivery

Riverford and co.

Food Box Finder seems like a good resource for locating a veg box near you, and is easy to use.

Another one to try is the Soil Association search tool, though it missed some key local suppliers I knew of when I tested it, and is less user-friendly.

Otherwise, Riverford do deliver nationwide.  They do use some plastic in their packaging for things like loose salad, but commit to taking it back with their empty boxes for proper recycling.

Home Milk Delivery

Milk Delivery

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Toilet Paper

Who Gives a Crap

Quality toilet paper, 100% recycled, in paper sheaths delivered in a cardboard box with 50% of company profits going to help build toilets for those in need.  What's not to like?  Can seem, at £36 for a box of 48 rolls, an expensive option, however once the fact that these are 400-sheet, 3-ply rolls is taken into account, Who Gives a Crap's offering actually comes in fairly equivalent to 'luxury' brands like Andrex in terms of cost to ones pocket.  


Bathroom Products


A superb resource for plastic-free, even entirely packaging-free, face, body, hair and dental products.  Many shops nationwide, plus online retailing.

Wild Nutrition


Wild Nutrition

Food-sourced supplements in glass and aluminium-capped bottles.  Posted direct from the company in cardboard boxes with paper parcel tape.