Very Much a Work in Progress!

Maybe do one of these a day for a week, starting on a wet Saturday:

Day 1 -  Spend a couple of hours making some space, somewhere behind a door that can be shut.  This is going to involve some bulk buying and the last thing you want for your wellbeing is to have boxes littering your hallway.  We cleared out a wardrobe and so far this is working for us.  An under-stairs cupboard is ideal.  Think of it as a 'larder'.  Next Saturday you are going to go shopping - make time in your diary.

Day 2 -  Have a day off, you deserve it!

Day 3 -  Make a cuppa and sit down to order a Veg Box Delivery (links can be found on my resources page).  You won't regret this.  Veg boxes support local producers, are organic if you like, have lush produce and are minimal on plastic (generally limited to salad items).  Many companies will reuse their boxes and take back any plastic they provide.  Veg boxes get you eating more of your 5-a-day, just to keep up!  Very healthy!  Plus, if you are brave and go for a seasonal box, there will be some things you may not have tried before.  If you can't entertain the idea of a veg box and aren't bothered about organic, vow to get your fruit and veg produce loose - straight into the trolley/basket - from now on. 

Day 4 -   Create a 'plastic-free shopper's mate', a reusable bag with a collection of items that will help you achieve your regular shop with less plastic consumption.  My suggestions would start with: some paper bags, empty airtight containers for meat/wet items, tin foil...  This is where Tupperware would come in useful, which is why in my justifications I would recommend keeping hold of and looking after any tupperware-style storage containers you have - we want them to last.  I have put together a list of suggestions on Amazon for anyone struggling to gather resources from what they already have, or who wants to start afresh.  All these things are fulfilled by Amazon, so should come delivered in plastic-free postal packing.  Put the shoppers mate somewhere it won't be forgotten when you head out for your next shop.  

Day 5 -  Cuppa time again.  Order a Milk Delivery if available in your area (resources).  The gold standard is suppliers who deliver in glass bottles obviously.

Day 6 -  Order Toilet Roll.  May I suggest the pack of 48?  Now you'll start to see what that cupboard is for.

Day 7 -  a)  Create a document on the notepad on your PC, tablet and/or phone and cut and paste the following:  Please send in recyclable/compostable post packing i.e. paper or cardboard, not plastic post bag or bubble bag, thanks.  Save it on your desktop, you're going to need it for internet shopping whenever there is an option to message the seller.  b)  Do some research to find out where your nearest Lush store is.

To be continued...

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