Plastic Pollution on UK Beach

About Me

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As of 2018 I am a second-half-of-the-thirties married parent of a just-under-one, who is still in nappies (although we are all three working hard on that front).  We are, as a family, middle-class, middle income, of middling heights and weights, average in many ways and happy with it. 

We are very keen on good food and spend a large proportion of our income on organic veg, organic/wild meat and fish, and top quality pantry items.   We love walking, learning new skills, creating, cooking and (for me) devising in my mind products that fill a need in my life but don't yet exist.  At the moment, these "thought inventions" are about as far as it gets.

This is my third attempt to slash the stream of plastic flowing through my life.  The first, back in 2013, before married life, was intended to be a week's experiment of super-strict plastic-free living.  However, because of various trips and slips (plastic has a way of sneaking in, even when you have all your attention focused on keeping it out) I stretched one week to two weeks, a month and then - feeling like I still hadn't cracked it - three months.  It was quite an eye opener, gave me a grudging respect for the versatility and merits of plastic (though still no sympathy for the wretched stuff), a feeling of greater connection to the world around me, but was ultimately unsustainable. 

The second attempt was "plastic-free lite", a cutting back on plastics coming into contact with the food we were eating when we were trying to conceive our baby, in recognition of many plastics' tendency to leach hormone-like substances (endocrine disruptors) into our food and bodies and impact the fertility of both men and women.  Job done, baby on the way, and the plastics crept back in while our attention was elsewhere.

This is the third go, a bit more of a slow-burner: rather than go cold turkey we are tackling issues as they arise.  You might say we are guilty of adopting an approach so often used by politicians: an aim to reduce plastic "somesuch" percent by "sometime-in-the-future".  The difference being that we are all absolutely committed to the cause, are still going to be in charge beyond four years hence and are not vying for anybody's vote.