Many responsible traders are now offering single-use items – packaging, take-away containers and the like – made of a variety of alternatives to plastic such as paper, cardboard or biocompostable plastics (plastic-like compounds derived from plant materials which will...

The issue of plastic waste is a global one, and biocompostable plastics may be part of the solution, but at the moment there lacks the industrial composting or recycling infrastructure to handle the waste coming from biocompostable single-use items. This experiment see...

While not certified home-compostable, there is anecdotal evidence both that bioplastic will break down in a backyard heap, and also that it will not.  Some knowledgeable types state that it will break down, but not within the 6 months required to certify it as home com...

How much plastic would a person save in one year by following Plastic-free Practically's step-by-step method? What kind of difference would a milk delivery, veg box delivery etc. make?

I set about seeking organic English Breakfast-type builders brew in teabags, with no plastic in either bag or packaging, as my goal.  Many, many emails and a stack of online contact forms later this is what I have concluded...

February 25, 2018

True to their word, the jars arrived in a neat cardboard box, stuffed with brown paper and, joy of joys, brown paper parcel tape, rather than the clear or brown plastic parcel tape that usually escapes the critique of a supplier offering ecologically sound packaging.

February 17, 2018

Usually the policy in our household is to keep hold of, and look after, any plastics we already have, as they cause a great deal less potential damage in the home than being let loose in recycling or waste.  But, evidently, using and washing plastic-based clothing is s...

January 6, 2018

I was particularly captivated by a display of technicolour shards and beads waltzing around a little inlet.  It looked so pretty, despite my knowledge of the serious and sombre impact such litter has on the wildlife that comes into contact with it.

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